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Maybe you’re nervous about having your photo taken or maybe you’re a ,selfie pro, whatever your outlook on photography, you will soon find out that, I love people and find facial expressions can tell a thousand stories. This is why I adore photographing weddings everywhere, because as much as I love art and fashion photography nothing matches the experience of a wedding, the range of emotions from the couple and their guests, the intimate moments and the exuberant ones, I will be there to capture them.
My passion for my clients will become clear to you when we meet, and I hope my passion for the photography can be seen here in these examples of my work.

Could you be my next client? No two couples have ever been the same, boy & girl, girl & girl, boy & boy, lovers, dreamers, misfits, legends, outsiders, artists, scientists, religious, atheist, funny or passionate. Be it a white wedding, a biker wedding, one witha vegan finger food, a boho farm wedding or a gothic love fest, whether it is a high end or budget wedding, on a personal beach or an intimate mountain wedding or you’re getting married in a woodland or a big city, I will be there with minimum cheese and maximum style!

With photography, it’s the ability to freeze a moment and tell a story out of it that I find the most exciting and inspiring, and at a wedding, there are just so many fantastic moments to capture. My documentary style will help catch those moments you might not even notice yourself, with my passion for fashion and street photography you will end up with photographs that are both unique and tell your story so you can treasure them forever and share them with others..

I will be there every step of the way on your wedding day. I immerse myself into the day and often you’ll find me there helping with the groom’s tie or pitching in when the flowers need some tlc. Please think of me as a sober n extra guest with the privilege to document your day who will be dancing and laughing alongside everyone, which gives me unique insight into the day and your guests’ experiences of it as well as your own.
Whether you choose Jimmy Choo’s or barefoot in the park I love capturing your individuality as a couple. Weddings bring together my favourite photography subjects and styles, the beauty and feel of fashion photography and the spontaneous and fast paced /documentary approach of street photography all on one day, I love it!!
I will be there documenting those moments when you are wiping tears of joy, sipping champagne, arriving at the venue, saying the vows, throwing the bouquet or toasting the bride. I’ll be making sure I sneak you that extra glass of bubbles to enjoy while we catch a breather and take some pictures, help by rounding up family for the pictures or even grooving on the dancefloor, and sometimes even just to remind you both to pause, breathe and really soak it all up. The day will speed by, but the photographs will last forever so it is my job to make sure they do your day justice.
Caroline& Ed @ Sheene MillCharlie&James Homespun wedding in WarwickshireYazmin & Ben small family wedding in Reading BerkshireGroom Prep in the Black Forest Germany