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Lovers come in every shape and size and every couple is unique

I want to get to know you. As you can see from this range of photos I like to take my clients on a relaxed shoot as part of the process. We can all get to know one another and enjoy time somewhere you love, while we get some beautiful shots that capture the essence of your relationship. Every couple is different, every wedding unique and I love to find out what makes you you, and I can tell you all about my love for bicycles and whiskey!

This personalised pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity for you to get to know me and I can start to understand what makes you tick as a couple, so when we get to the wedding day you are not only comfortable with my presence, but I will know what will work for you.
The idea is to have fun and for you to get the opportunity to know me before the big day. I find this takes the pressure off the wedding photos and makes for more natural photos shots as we already have a good foundation of trust from the first shoot.

I truly pride myself on my creativity and originality, as I hope you can see from my photos, but central to this is you and the person you love. I will provide a bespoke service that makes you feel comfortable, and by the end of it I find my clients become my friends.

Let us start on this adventure together and most, let’s have a laugh and some fun!
Pavol & Ludgero's London Couple ShootChiara & StuNat & Nick Engagement Shoot at The Cricket ClubSophia&Richard Engagement ShootPavol & Ludgero's London Couple shootSophia&Richard Engagement ShootPavol & Ludgero's London Couple Shoot